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Watkins Summit Group

The Summit Group of Watkins associates was founded by record-setting Watkins associates and Gold Executive team, Steve and Ginny Bretzke.  At first glance the Summit Group represents the Bretzke's downline of Watkins associates -- several thousand strong.  But it has become so much more than that over the years.  The Summit Group has grown to become a thriving, interactive community of Watkins associates, all at various levels of success, willing to share tips, advice and suggestions to help each build highly successful enterprises of their own.

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Online Training and Support Center

The genius of Steve Bretzke, an 18-year veteran of Watkins and a true superstar in the network marketing business, comes to life every time you login to TSGnet.com, the official associate training and support center for the Summit Group.  This is a private membership website, only available to Summit Group members.  You gain access to this private membership website by joining Watkins under another Summit Group member like me.  If you signup through HomeProductsBusiness.com you will automatically become a member of the Summit Group.

The number one reason for failure in the network marketing industry is "failure to execute."  I'm referring to people that dream of success, "talk the talk," but spend all their time procrastinating and making excuses for their lack of success.  In reality, they are simply too lazy to "walk the walk" -- to actually devote a few hours each week to building their business.  Most people that fall into this category would fail at anything they attempt because they lack the drive it takes to get off the sofa, turn off the TV and make things happen.  

The second greatest reason for failure in the network marketing business is lack of support from your upline, which can often be a contributor to the number one reason discussed above.  Summit Group members never complain about lack of support, for service and support is our commitment to all Summit Group members. The Summit Group is like an old friend, always there when you need support and assistance

Let's face it, if you join an operation and there's no one around to show you the way, you quickly lose hope and motivation.  This triggers the loss of purpose, will, drive and determination it takes to run a business you know little about.  But such a scenario does not happen to Summit Group members unless they totally ignore and refuse the training and support system we have in place and the offers of assistance they'll receive from their upline.  

One-on-One Training From Your Upline

The Summit Group is made highly ethical, professional, family-based group of individuals that are always willing to answer your questions, offer suggestions.  You'll get one-on-one assistance from your sponsor.  If you sign up here that assistance would come directly from me.  You will also get assistance, guidance and suggestions from other members of your upline.  For example, my immediate upline members are Dave and Fran Daisey, Jerry Fochtmann and Steve and Ginny Bretzke.  All have pitched in at one time or another and helped associates I've sponsored when I sought their guidance on a matter I had not come across before.  This is the team-driven support system you can come to count on when your Watkins sponsor is another Summit Group member like me.

The Multiple Benefits of Becoming a Summit Group Member

Within minutes of joining Watkins through a Summit Group members like myself you'll know you've made a wise and profitable decision.  Some refer to the experience as the best decision they've ever made in their life.  For it is not until you join Watkins as a Summit Group member do you fully realize the number of free benefits you've received that will make you successful in this business and save you countless hours of time, preventing you from having to reinvent the wheel and waste time creating marketing aids and tools already created by Steve Bretzke and Jerry Fochtmann and waiting for you to put them into motion.  Let's take a look at some of the most popular and useful benefits you'll receive:

  • Free Online Training - Access to TSGnet.com, our private membership training and support website.  Our online training center is chocked full of articles, marketing aids, a message board that allows you to communicate with upline and crossline members from across the Summit Group, audio recordings of speeches and Summit Group conference calls that date back several years, newsletters and newsletter archives and so much more.  I'll never forget the first time I logged into our private training center.  I was absolutely awestruck by the enormity of it all.  I couldn't help but thank the good Lord for bringing me to Watkins and the Summit Group, recognizing immediately that it took Steve, Ginny and Jerry and others thousands of man-hours to build the training center and all the support tools that Summit Group members receive for free when they join us.  If you're weighing Watkins against another home-based business opportunity or network marketing company, the exclusive privileges of Summit Group membership alone should be more than enough reason to make Watkins a clear winner in your mind - hand's down.
  • Free Associate Recruiting Website - You'll receive a totally free recruiting website of your very own at TSGinfo.com when you join Watkins through a Summit Group member like me.  Anyone that visits your free Summit Group recruiting website will become electronically linked to your unique Summit Group and Watkins membership numbers and will become part of your downline if they sign up and become a Watkins associate.  Even if they wait several days or weeks before they sign up, the system will recognize that the new associate was your lead and had been to your recruiting website before and properly register them as your new associate when they sign up.
  • Summit Group University - The very first place you'll go to for training when you arrive at our private online training center at TSGnet.com is the Summit Group University section of the site.  Ranging from its "Quick Start Guide" to a host of other great materials and information, this is the true launch pad area for new associates when they begin their training at our online facilities.  
  • Automated Lead Tracking - From the second a new lead visits your free recruiting website, through ever flip off a page in our online ebook, to their final signup as a new associate, the Summit Group's automatic tracking system is monitoring their movement and reporting back to you via email.  You'll know within seconds of their landing at your exclusive TSGinfo.com URL (web) address, to each and every page they view on the site.  You'll learn by email when they're signing up.  And the Summit Group's automatic follow-up system will even send them several follow-up emails if we don't hear back from them.  This allows you plenty of time to contact your new lead personally, either by phone or email.  The power of this system is simply amazing.
  • Interactive Message Board - As noted earlier, our private training site has a message board that allows you to interact with fellow Summit Group members.  Some will be in your upline, others will represent what I call crossline members, not in your upline or downline, just professional Watkins associates always willing to pitch in and help a fellow Watkins associate by answering a question, making suggestions, giving advice, etc.
  • Weekly Conference Calls - Want to have the opportunity to see the inter-workings of a highly successful sales organization, picking up tips on what other successful associates are doing to turn ideas into dollars?  There's no better place to do this than by sitting in on our weekly, Summit Group-wide, conference calls.
  • Audio Training -  The Summit Group offers a large library of audio files that include important information you'll find useful in building your Watkins business.  Subjects include prospecting, sales presentations, associate training, and follow-through.  Audio archives of weekly Summit Group telephone conference calls go back several years.  Listen to these and you'll have a front row seat for picking up tips and advice from some of the brightest minds in the busienss (i.e., successful Watkins leaders from across North America.
  • Informative Articles - The list of articles on the Summit Group's training site are too numerous to cover, but covers countless subjects ranging from marketing advice to detailed instructions covering everyday matters you'll come across in your business, tutorials on selling Watkins products through Good Tastings parties, craft fairs and trade shows and online retailing, to countless articles about Watkins products and product information.
  • Regional Seminars - Once you become a member of the Summit Group you'll have the opportunity (but never an obligation) to attend training events that are custom designed to help you achieve the most from your Watkins business. At these optional events, you'll have the opportunity meet in person and listen to some of the most successful and experienced sales leaders in the Summit Group.
  • Newsletters and Updates - From "Hot-Flash" email announcments to monthly newsletters, the Summit Group stays in regular touch with its membership.  You'll learn of new products, sales contests, upcoming seminars and conferences, new tools being added to the training center and much more through email on a regular basis.
  • Business Building Tools and Marketing Aids - Ranging from online tax and shipping charge calculators to flip-chart presentations, electronic file versions of price lists and templates for stationery, business cards, tear-tag flyers, handout cards and self-adhesive labels, the Summit Group has done a bang-up job of saving you time and money by providing tools and aids you'll use regularly in your Watkions business.
  • Exclusive Contests - As an added incentive, Watkins Incorporated offers Watkins associates that have achieved various sales goals the opportunity to go on a company-paid vacation to exotic destinations around the world.  But in addition to this great company sponsored incentive, the Summit Group frequently holds contests of its own, awarding members that win the sales contests cash prizes and bonuses.

Your Personal Roadmap to Riches

As you can see from the long list of benefits the Summit Group has to offer, it really pays to join Watkins through a Summit Group member like myself.  Imagine what your world would be like if you joined Watkins or any network marketing company without the education, training and support offered by the Summit Group.  It would be a scary world, because you'd be in a "sink or swim" environment.  Any fear and worries you might have about starting a business of your own quickly fade away if you spend time using the many resources on our training site.  You'll quickly conclude that your Summit Group membership is truly your personal "roadmap to riches" with Watkins.

The Icing Watkins Puts on the Cake

In addition to the free private membership for training and the free associate recruiting website that the Summit Group provides its members, Watkins also provides a free WatkinsOnline.com e-Store for taking online orders. Your customers simply enter your Watkins ID in the order form to ensure you'll get credit and commissions for the sale.  For a small additional fee Watkins will make you an e-associate and encode your Watkins ID automatically in all orders placed through your website.  To see an example of what an e-Associate website of Watkins looks like, click on this link to my Watkins e-store now.

The Cherry I Put on Top of the Cake

In addition to the free websites provided by the Summit Group and Watkins, I personally will provide you a free website to use to serve as your official marketing blog for attracting online traffic and referring visitors to your e-store provided by Watkins and your recruiting site provided by the Summit Group.  My free marketing blog package that I offer to all associates I sponsor includes a rent-free domain name, free website design, free web hosting and free email accounts.  Simply sign up with Watkins now through this link and you'll be assured that all of these free online websites and marketing utilities from me, the Summit Group, and Watkins are yours.

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Join thousands of Watkins associates from across Canada and the United States who benefit from the training, education, support and assistance they receive regularly from the Summit Group by joining Watkins now.  You'll pay no additional fees over and above the low startup cost for joining Watkins, as membership in the Summit Group is totally free, available to anyone that signs up here now.  

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