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The Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity

Many people are not aware of the fact that they can not only purchase Watkins products, but they can also opt to sell over 350 Watkins products and earn an extra income working part-time.  Numerous Watkins men and women have gone own to earn a full-time income while working part-time hours running their Watkins home business.  In fact, we have hundreds of  Watkins associates that have built their Watkins income to the point that they've been able to quit their full time jobs after their part-time Watkins home business started producing more income than their full-time job.  

How is this possible?  It's possible because Watkins products are sold through independent Watkins dealers just like me.  In the United States, Watkins dealers are called Watkins Associates.  In Canada, Watkins dealers are officially referred to as Watkins Consultants.  For simplicity, we'll refer to Watkins dealers as Watkins associates through the remainder of this web page.

Who Can Own a Watkins Home Business

The Watkins home-based business opportunity is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada.  Thus, if you live in one of these two countries, please continue reading below to learn more about Watkins great home business opportunity.

How Do I Earn Money From Owing a Watkins Home Business?

There are four ways for you to save and earn money from owning and operating a Watkins home business.

Method 1:  25% to 39% Savings on Watkins Products You Order for Yourself

Once you become a Watkins associate, Watkins Incorporated will begin giving you an immediate discount of 25% off the retail price on Watkins products you purchase - whether for personal use or for resale to others.  In addition to the immediate 25% savings you get when your purchase Watkins products, you may also quality for an end of month bonus that can run as high as 14%, depending on the overall results you achieve.  

Method 2:  25% to 39% Earnings on Watkins Products You Sell to Others

You'll also earn the same 25% to 39% on all Watkins products you purchase and deliver to others because you'll be selling Watkins products to your retail customers at Watkins listed retail price, buying the products you sell at a 25% discount and earning bonus money at the end of the month that can run as high as an additional 14% of the sales price.

If your full-time job or other responsibilities limit your ability to personally hand-deliver Watkins products directly to your customers, you can offer your customer the added convenience of ordering from Watkins by Internet, by toll-free phone or by mail and shipping your customer's order directly to their doorstep.  

When you become a Watkins associate Watkins will provide, free of charge, your very own unqiue WatkinsOnline.com website address for taking customer orders online.  To see what my personal Watkins e-store looks like, click here.   

To help cover the added costs Watkins incurs on handling smaller customer-direct shipments, your earnings are slightly less on orders shipped directly from the company to your customer than what you earn (i.e., 25% to 39%) from product sales you hand-deliver.

Method 3: Residual Earnings From Sales Made by Watkins Associates You Sponsor

Watkins has been in business since 1868 and uses the network marketing business model, allowing you to earn money from sales made by other associates you introduce to Watkins.  Your sponsorship and training of these associates is rewarded by Watkins in the form of bonuses you earn on sales of Watkins products they make.

Watkins is our nation's oldest network marketing company.  Thus, you can not only earn money from sales made by Watkins associates you personally sponsor, but you will also earn bonus money on sales made by Watkins associates they recruit and sponsor, and so on.  The bonus income you earn monthly from the sales of all associates below you (what I call your personal Watkins sales organization or downline), represents the residual income portion of your total earnings from Watkins.  

The residual income potential from a Watkins home business is huge.  In fact, it is through the power of residual earnings that many Watkins associates have been able to build large six-figure annual incomes while continuing to work only part-time hours running their Watkins home business.

As a general rule of thumb, most Watkins associates typically earn from 5% to 10% of the total sales made monthly by associates in the Watkins sales organizations they build.  In fact, long-term it is possible to make up to 19% of the sales made by some associates in your group.

The beauty of residual income earned through the sales of others is that it leverages your time and efforts immensely, affording you the opportunity to make far more income than you could ever make from your personal sales efforts alone.  

Once you take into consideration the ability for you and all associates in your personal Watkins sales organization to take orders for Watkins products through your individual Watkins e-stores, you quickly realize that Watkins provides all its associates the ability to earn money 24-7, 365 days of every year.  Thus, whether you're sitting at home in your easy chair, going out for dinner and the movies with your family or sleeping at night -- the effort you put into building your personal home-based Watkins business and sales organization can be rewarded many times over.

This is the power of network marketing, this is the power of residual earnings, this is the power of the Internet, and this is the power of Watkins!

Method 4: Watkins Special Bonus Programs

Earning a nice profit on your customers and your associates is excellent. But Watkins puts the icing on the cake by setting aside approximately 2% of total company revenues for special bonus programs. Past bonus program examples include the award of $100+ cash bonuses for new associates who took quick action, $1000+ cash bonuses to existing associates who reached higher levels in the compensation plan, as well as all-expense paid trips to exotic locations around the world.

Recap: The Four Ways to Save and Earn Money with Watkins
 1.  25% to 39% discount on items you order for yourself.
 2.  25% to 39% profit on sales to your customers.
 3.  5% to 10% bonus profit on the total sales volume generated by your entire downline sales group.
 4.  Special programs for extra bonuses or prizes.

Can a New Watkins Associate Enjoy Early Success?

Definitely, many new Watkins associates are able to hit the ground running, enjoying early and continued success for a number of reasons.  The most common reason is they take this wonderful business opportunity seriously and start working at building their Watkins business right away.  Anyone can dream about making a six-figure income working at home, but the major difference between those that succeed and those that don't is not their education level, its not their number of years of business experience and its not because they have a wider circle of friends, relatives and business contacts.  Instead, it's much like the Nike TV commercial, they simply "Just Do It."  Within 2 weeks of signing up as my newest associate, a lady in North Caroline had her first Watkins Good Tastings party and sold $386 in products, claiming afterwards that she had a blast and many good leads to follow up on afterwards.

If Watkins is 140 Years Old, are There Too Many Watkins Associates?

I'm often asked the question, "Is the market for Watkins associates over-saturated?"  The short answer is, "Heavens no, there are plenty of openings for Watkins associates."  Company wide, there's about 50,000 Watkins associates and consultants working in the U.S. and Canada.  But when one considers the size of the population base in the U.S. and Canada, that works out to only 1 Watkins associate for every 6,200 people.  

When you take into consideration that not all Watkins associates are active at selling and marketing products (i.e., some only buy personal products at wholesale prices for personal consumption), the truly active membership of Watkins associates might average in the range of 1 per 10,000 to 1 per 15,000 residents.  In essence, no matter where you live you should have very little competition from other associates working in your area.

Will Watkins Limit the Size of My Marketing Territory?

When I see new prospects weighing the Watkins home business opportunity against another business opportunity I often ask them, "Where else in North America are you gong to find a company with a grand, impeccable reputation dating back 140 years that can provide you the opportunity to start your own home business on a shoestring buidget and offer everyone you come meet or know over 350 products people use every day in their homes and personal lives?"  

Notice I said "everyone," for Watkins only restriction on your territory size is the geographic boundaries of "North America."  For whether you live in Alabama or Alberta, Nevada or Nova Scotia, South Caroline or Saskatchewan, you can sell Watkins products and sponsor new Watkins associates.

But What if I Can't Sell or Have No Sales Experience

Honestly, you do not need to have previous sales experience to begin and build a highly success Watkins home-based business.  Some of our most successful Watkins associates, those earning low to mid six-figure incomes annually, had no prior sales experience prior to joining Watkins or network marketing.  My 3 upline sponsors are some of the most successful Watkins associates in North America.  One was a business consultant,  one came from a musical background, and the Bretkze's were electrical and mechanical engineers.  

Numerous highly successful Watkins associates are stay-at-home Mom's, school teachers, plumbers, secretaries, clerical workers, construction workers --- people from all walks of life.  Watkins is not about selling its about buying and referring.  It's about using and showing.  

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