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Free Watkins Associate Training Program

An essential ingredient in the recipe for success for network marketers is great training.  I've often witnessed people with great sales and marketing skills fail at network marketing with other companies because they either joined under a weak upline sponsor and/or never received the level of training they required to succeed in the business.  

With over 20 years experience in network marketing, Summit Group founder Steve Bretzke understands the importance of building and nurturing a "Watkins community" of successful associates willing to share the keys to their success with others.  He also envisioned the need for the community to offer FREE ONLINE TRAINING to all Watkins associates belonging to the Summit Group -- whether young or old, with prior sales experience or no sales experience.  

When founding the Summit Group, Steve also foresaw the need to create new training aids and marketing tools that would further ensure the success of new associates entering the Watkins business.  Most importantly, Steve realized early-on that the online training center should never grow stale, that new tools, training aids and interactive systems would need to be added regularly, as business, times and associates dictated.

If you join Watkins through this website you too will become a Summit Group member.  As a Summit Group member you are entitled to totally free access to the Summit Group's training and learning center at TSGnet.com, plus you'll also receive the following training and ongoing support absolutely free:

  • Free phone and email support from me as your sponsor.
  • Free phone and email support from 2 additional upline levels above me on an "as needed" basis
  • Exclusive membership to my personal downline associate training center (Coming Soon)
  • A free message board to ask questions of others Watkins associates.
  • Free training aids, marketing tools, ebooks and website support from me as your sponsor.
  • Free audio and video tutorials from me and the Summit Group.

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