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Selling Watkins Products

Although Watkins is 140 years old and is known worldwide for "timeless integrity," the company has stayed in touch with the times and offers many modern ways to market and sell Watkins products in the fast-paced world we all live in, where consumers are often demanding or expecting "instant access, electronic ordering and tracking, green environmentally-friendly products, great service, quality products and money-back guarantees.  

Watkins meets all of these demands from consumers and then some.  There are may ways to market and sell Watkins products that are fun and easy.  A few of the most popular means of selling Watkins products are listed below:

  • Catalog Distribution and Sharing Catalogs With Others - Catalog distribution can be done in many ways, ranging from showing catalogs to friends and relative, free mailouts to interested parties and leads, distributed to waiting rooms of doctors and dentists in your area, etc.
  • Watkins Good Tastings Party Events - Far and away the most successful means and way to kickstart your business with instant revenue and build revenues consistently every month, the Watkins Good Tastings program is all about fun and sharing Watkins products with others.  Simply throw a Watkins party in the home of a volunteer host or hostess, mix up a few dishes that use Watkins products and demo products while your guess feast on the snacks and other items you've created with Watkins products.  You can quickly start earning several hundreds per month in a short period of time by simply conducting Watkins GoodTastings events.
  • Festivals and Trade Show Booth Sales -The only drawback with this marketing method is you have to carry a significant inventory so you'll have products to display and demo at your sales booth, but these events are both fun and profitable, earning you both Watkins products sales and new associate signups and leads.  Selling Watkins products at festivals, trade shows and seminars hold high earnings potential and can often lead to several thousand dollars per month in sales of Watkins products.
  • Online Sales - I love Internet marketing and online sales and teach how to market and sell Watkins products to all my associates.  This method holds unlimited potential and has netted me many new Watkins product customers and Watkins associates who've come to one of my Watkins information sites and clicked on links that take them to my Summit Group Watkins information and associte sponsoring website, or to my WatkinsOnline.com online e-store.
  • Non-Profit Sales - Watkins allows its associates to sign up non-profit organizatitons, or firms holding an IRS Form 501(c)(3) federal income tax exemption.  The non-profit organization can in turn sell Watkins products to its members and its members can write their purchases off as charitable contributions to a non-profit organization.  Some organizations have hundreds or thousands of members, thus this is an excellent way and means to net many new Watkins customers at one time, as you will earn bonuses from the total sales the non-profit organization makes to its members and contributors.  The non-profit can in turn promote, sign up and sponsor other non-profit organizations.
  • Sales to Retailers - Independent retail stores are allowed to sell up to a maximum of 20 Watkins products from a retail store location.  Only Watkins associates can sell all 350 products.  However, if you know a store owner in your city or community you should call on them to see which ones want to start retailing the 20 products through their store location. You, in turn, can own bonuses off their purchases the same as you would from any consumer you sell products to.
  • Many More Way  . . .Watkins associates around North America are always coming up with new ways to market products.  Many share their methods and success on our weekly conference calls or in our Summit Group message board.  Join now and start listening weekly to how others are making a living with Watkins.

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