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My Promise To All Watkins Associates I Sponsor

When considering becoming a new associate of a network marketing company, whether it be Watkins Incorporated or any other network marketing company, it is essential that you choose a good sponsor.  Why?  Because your ability to build a successful business in a short timespan will be very dependent on the quality and level of support you get from your sponsor.  Your sponsor will be responsible for seeing that you get proper training and guidance, answering questions you'll have along the way as you learn the in's and out's of the business, and helping you devise a marketing plan that best suits your talents and schedule.

My promise and commitment to all associates I sponsor is that I will do my best to help you become successful with Watkins.  Keep in mind that I don't make a penny until you make a dollar, thus it is in my best interest to respond to your support needs as quickly as possible.  I provide support to all associates via email, toll-free phone support, Skype and fax.  I'll work hard to help you devise a marketing plan best suited for your talents, experience level and time availability.

For you to be successful with your own Watkins home-based business, it will be your responsiblity to dedicate several part-time hours per week (i.e., usually 7 to 10 hours) to marketing products and/or sponsoring new associates.  I cannot do the work for you.  But I do promise that I will help motivate you, give you advice and guidelines, provide marketing tools and aids, advise you on how to use the Summit Group's training website and answer all questions you have about Watkins and running your business.  When I don't know the answer to your question I will consult with my upline sponsors and find the answer as soon as possible.  I generally answer all associates requests within hours.

My Free Surprise Offer to All Associates I Sponsor

When you select me as your sponsor and join Watkins as a new associate, you will become a member of the same Summit Group of Watkins associates that helped train me to be a successful Watkins associate.  With your membership in the Summit Group you'll receive a free customized new associate recruiting website (just like mine) and free membership at the Summit Group's private training and learning center (i.e.. TSGnet.com).  You'll be surprised how fast your downline sales organization will grow just from referring prospects to your free TSGinfo.com recruiting website provided by the Summit Group.

But in addition to these great freebies offered by the Summit Group, I personally promise to provide you a wonderful asset that is only given to members of my downline -- namely, a totally free marketing website, complete with a rent-free domain name, free web hosting, free email accounts, free web design and a free content manager that allows you to build your website without any prior knowledge of HTML or website design.  I promise to provide the site, email accounts and web hosting free for as long as you remain an active member of my downline.

How Long Will My Level of Support Remain High

I will support you with a high level of support as long as you remain active with Watkins and demonstrate you are committed to building a successful Watkins business.  If I see you're no longer interested in building a business, no longer seeking or following advice, and generally don't plan to continue trying to build your business, I will contact you to see what we can do to jumpstart your business and get you on the right track.  If I see you continuing to procrastinate my level of support will fall to your level of committment.  

I am here for you at all times, but it is only fair that my highest level of support be dedicated to those that show desire to succeed and are dedicating time to build their business.  As long as you're pulling your share of the load I promise to be the best sponsor you could possibly hope for, continously building new training and marketing aids, giving you words of encouragement and helping motivate you as needed.

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