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More Free Information About Watkins

Are you having a difficult time making your decision on joining Watkins and starting your own home-based Watkins products business?  It's okay if you are, for I realize some people feel the need to conduct extensive due diligence and research before taking a leap of faith and starting a new chapter in their lives.  For those of you that might want to explore this opportunity in greater detail, I offer the following resource recommendations and downloads:

  • A Better Life for You and Your Family - Steve and Ginny's Bretze's famous ebook about the Watkins home-based business opportunity.  This is the downloadable file version of the same online book you'll find on my Summit Group recruiting website.  The file is a .exe executable file.  Download and save the file to your PC's desktop.  Then, click on the filename and the ebook will open on its own.  Some anti-virus programs will warn or prevent you from downloading a exe file when you don't know or trust the source.  Should your anti-virus software prevent you from downloading the exe file version, click on the second link below and download the zipped file version.  Save it to your PC desktop and double-click your mouse on the file name.  When the zipped file opens, select and extract the exe file to your PC desktop.
  • Work From Home Goldmine - Written by a Watkins Manager and Independent Associate, this free downloadable ebook is a very comprehensive 232-page account of Watkins and building a Watkins business of your own.  It includes a history of Watkins, a detailed overview of Watkins products, a description of sales and marketing methods used to build a successful Watkins business, and much, much, more.  The free downloadable PDF file version of this ebook can be downloaded visiting the following website.
  • Ailments and Answers - This free 42-page ebook demonstrates how various Watkins products can be used to cure many common ailments.  Certainly worth the reading to see how great Watkins products truly are and give you an idea on how easy they would be to sell.  Click here to download your free copy.
  • Watkins Green Cleaning Products - This informative flyer illlustrates Watkins line of "green" friendly cleaning products and provides useful information about why they are friendly to the environment.  Click here now.

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