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About Me and My Watkins Sales Organization

I'm an Independent Watkins Associate that sells and markets Watkins products throughout the United States and Canada.  My Watkins sales organization is comprised of Watkins associates I've recruited and sponsored across North America.

I have many years of business experience.  During my career I've founded and built corporations with sales ranging from several hundred thousand dollars per year to over 160 million dollars per year.  I attribute my success in business to great communication and mentoring skills.  I've never lost sight of the fact that behind every good leader is a great staff or team of dedicated individuals that are motivated to succeed when they see they have a leader that cares about them and their success.

I have used Watkins products my entire life.  I grew up on my grandfather's farm and relished the monthly visits of our "Watkins man" -- who dazzled us monthly with demos and displays of the latest and greatest Watkins products.  Our household has used Watkins Petro-Carbo Salve, Watkins White Liniment, Watkins Red Liniment, Watkins Black Pepper, Watkins Cinnamon and Watkins Double Strenght Vanilla for many years.

I am also a member of the Summit Group of Watkins associates, an exclusive Watkins sales organization that offers its members free training, education, marketing aids and tools, weekly conference calls, an associates message board and guidance from successful Watkins associates throughout North America.  

No other Watkins sales organization offers the level of training and support that we offer members of the Summit Group.  If you sign up and become a Watkins associate with me as your sponsor, you will automatically become a member of the Summit Group as well, not only enjoying the many privledges of membership I've just described, but able to offer the same benefits to any one you sponsor as well.

My commitment to you  . . . to provide the training and support you need for building a full-time income from your personal Watkins business.  I'll be more than happy to provide you references from Watkins associates in my downline if you have any question about the level and quality if support I provide all associates I sponsor.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact form on in the left-side menu column.

Wishing you success with Watkins,

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